Our Vision

Patira's vision is to uncover opportunities data science brings to organizational decision-making, and to help organizations use data science to collect, curate, interpret, and utilize data to improve productivity.


If you're looking for ways to maximize revenue and prepare your business for the future, look to the data mining services offered by Patira. Based in Westerville, Ohio, we offer analytics on shopping trends, discover which products are being sold, and suggest the most effective ways to advertise. Also, we leverage data to foresee which products are likely to sell the best in the future. 

After over 10 years of evaluating data, our founder met several entrepreneurs who were unable to analyze their own data. Since they didn't know how to effectively utilize data to reach their businesses' goals, we knew they needed a firm that had the skills to analyze it for them and provide actionable results. 

Knowing that United States businesses would experience boosts in productivity from taking advantage of our consulting services, we founded our business. When you work with us, we'll always be on-time and consult with you at each step. 

Patira is an innovative data science company that collaborates with clients to discover insights into important data that can improve marketing, sales, and pricing. We employ several effective techniques to meet your goals, including observation, surveys, software, and more.


As important as it is to understand your business now, it's just as vital to understand how it will do in the future. With our business forecasting, we'll use predictive analytics to not only help companies envision what their futures will look like, but also predict customer response.

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