Ai Auto Leads- A Patira Data Company

Artificial Intelligence programmed to predict vehicle purchases of consumers with a proven accuracy 


Supporting marketing innovation through predictive analytics.


What do we do?

Obviously when working with a new company it feels intimidating at times; we are able to explain what exactly we do in more detail!


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Setting clear expectations is a professional tradition we continue with our company. We strive to combine a balance of professional with friendly to deliver both quality results and service.

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Pricing is important, which is why we offer a free trial in order to allow you, as the customer, to try & see the value in it.


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Most lead generation companies sell to everyone they can, we believe in giving highest quality leads and guarantee to not redistribute them to local competitors. 

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A few people had a vision. It has now become our office.

The team started many years ago with a vision to be able to predict who would purchase a vehicle. We now are supplying many businesses the information they need to better target people actually wanting to purchase. The businesses spend their work day on people who are more likely to close; this creates less wasteful time at work.


Briefly who we are

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Some people are verbal as well as visual learners. Many people read often throughout their day with text messages or emails at work.

Please feel free to take less than a minute to better understand what we do as a business to better help your customer needs.